Frequently Ask Questions

Before Boarding

While Boarding

Here are some of the items considered as hazardous and disastrous for passengers and crews on-board:
• Explosives and timed devices
• Flammable liquids and solids
• Sharp/bladed weapons
• Radioactive materials
• Poisonous and infectious substances
• Illegal drug substances
• Only hand-carry sizes (appliances like large TV is not included)
Passenger who is seven to nine months pregnant is not allowed to sail. The said passenger is required to produce physician’s letter stating her fitness to travel.
Shipping lines usually closes gates 30 minutes before departure time. Passengers who fail to check-in before the 30 minutes cut-off may be refused boarding.
In case of travel schedule changes due to inevitable occurrences of bad weather or shipping line’s operational problems, make sure to input the correct and working email to notify you with the changes, cancellations and/or postponements of trip.
Cadavers are allowed to board on ship. However, a transfer permit and death certificate must be secured for boarding.
To know shipping schedules and rates, just click the Schedules and Rates menu.
Valid ID’s such as SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth are required from the passengers upon boarding. NSO and Police clearance are accepted as well. Moreover, birth certificate may be presented for minor passengers.
There is no specified baggage weight limit when boarding the ship. Free baggage allowance per passenger is 15 kg (33 lb.) and any excess from the standard weight limit will be charged Php 150 per 10 kg.
Passengers with ages below 17 are not allowed to travel alone. Valid ID’s are always necessary upon boarding.
Tickets may be rescheduled. Just submit and email the needed information, such as your new desired schedule and the chosen payment processor/mode to
Medical certificate must be presented attesting to their fitness to undertake sea travel upon boarding.
Pets/animals must be secured in cages along with the quarantine permit needed for transport. The said permit can be acquired from a designated pier.